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FleaShield Chewables for Large Dogs

Say Goodbye to Fleas with Advantus Chewable Treatment for Large Dogs - Fast, Effective and Easy to Use!

- Safe for Dogs: Advantus (Imidacloprid) Chewable Flea Treatment is safe for dogs and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It can be used on puppies as young as 10 weeks of age and is safe to use in conjunction with other medications.
- Convenient: The treatment comes in a pack of 30 chewable tablets, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution for flea control. It does not require any messy topical applications and can be given as needed to control flea infestations.

Advantus (Imidacloprid) Chewable Flea Treatment is a highly effective and easy-to-use solution for large dogs weighing between 23-110 pounds. This flea treatment comes in a convenient 30-count pack, making it perfect for pet owners who want to stay on top of their pet's flea control regimen. The active ingredient in Advantus, Imidacloprid, quickly kills fleas within 1 hour of administration, providing fast relief from flea infestations. Unlike other flea treatments, Advantus is a chewable tablet that dogs love to take, making it easy to administer even to picky eaters. With Advantus, pet owners can rest assured that their furry friends are protected from flea infestations, giving them the peace of mind they deserve. Overall, Advantus (Imidacloprid) Chewable Flea Treatment is a must-have for any pet owner looking for a reliable and effective flea control solution for their large dog.